August 6, 2018



Why Choose Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight exercises can transform your physique by helping you build muscle and lose body fat… but that’s not the only benefit.

5 More Reasons To Do Bodyweight Exercises:

  1. Improve “Whole Body” Strength– Most bodyweight exercises are movements that strengthen the entire body as a unit. The large muscle groups AND the supporting muscles, known as “synergists”, are strengthened. This give you functional strength that can be used in your everyday life.
  2. Greater Convenience– Forgot your weights? No problem. Not a member of a gym? That won’t stop you! Your body is it’s own gym. With bodyweight exercises you can workout no matter where you are… whether that’s your back garden, Park or hotel room.
  3. No More Expensive Gym and Equipment Fees– The average gym membership costs around £50 month which amounts to £600/year. Wow! If you work out at home you’ll still end up paying a small fortune plus you will have more spare time for YOU!

How much does it cost you to use your own bodyweight?

Nothing at all.

  1. Strengthen “The Core” With Every Move– The core (abs, obliques and low back) is the key to almost every movement you can do. If you have a strong core than you’ll look better and be healthier. 99% of bodyweight exercises will help you strengthen the core either directly or indirectly as a stabilizer.
  2. Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Injured– Bodyweight exercises are the ultimate workout method because they dramatically decrease the likelihood of injury. When you use weights it’s easy to injure yourself if technique is poor or you lift too heavy to sson. When you use your own body it’s a natural safeguard against getting injured because it prevents you from going too far.

What to learn more? Get in touch for a personal bodyweight training plan for you to fit YOUR lifestyle and goals, you can also get a nutritional food plan to work with the training plan.

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