Jo is a very successful Show Prep and body transformation Coach, a Pro Athlete herself, Personal Trainer & business owner, she works with other athletes and clients all over the country to offer support in making the lifestyle changes needed to become healthier and to achieve their personal fitness goals however big or small.

She works closely 1-2-1 and online with clients and pays close attention to ensure that results are achieved the healthy way.
She has a wealth of knowledge as a PRO Athlete and has a proven track record of success and happy clients.

The Fitness & Nutritional packages are tailored to each individual client, based on their needs and requirements to achieve the desired results based on the clients lifestyle and capabilities and avaliability and committments.

Jo is professional, approachable and a reliable coach she successfully works with clients all over the country offering varied, progressive workouts and high taste, high nutrition food plans that you’ll love.

Head Coach and Creator of JoPro Fitness

Jo is a highly qualified, reputable Personal Trainer and Online Coach, she has been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years, She is an 8 time Bikini Competitor, she has competed in various National Shows in the UK and is a PRO card holder.

Jo has competed in

  • Miss Galaxy Universe
  • Miami Pro
  • Pure Elite

JoPro Fitness is an expanding online fitness company reaching out to many people, helping them to achieve their personal fitness goals what ever they maybe.

Jo has a Show Team that compete in Local & National Shows and a non-competitive team call the FitSquad for people that want to look & feel great without actually going on stage!

Jo has also been a judge for the NFF show. JoPro Fitness offer Posing workshops all year round for competitors with most federations.

About JoPro Fitness

We are an online friendly fitness coaching company for both competitors and non-competitors with a track record of success with clients, check out our results page on the site!

We help clients with:-

  • Body transformations
  • Show Prep
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Flexible Eating
  • Training Plans
  • Discounts on supplements with BPI Sports
  • Photography
  • Modelling workshops
  • Posing workshops


Whatever your starting point and whatever your goal, however big or small,  JoPro Fitness can help you achieve it. All you need to do is get in touch.

Join our Show Team!

The Show Team food and training plans are a little different to our other plans they are usually a more intense and detailed plan that is tailored get your body in the best condition for stage and your chosen category. Your diet will be manipulated during the prep especially towards the later stages leading to show day when the carbs and fats are adjusted to ensure your body gets into the desired condition for your chosen category.

Take a look in the SHOW TEAM section on this site for more information.

We also offer Stage posing Workshops covering all aspects such as T Walks and Quarter turns.

You can also contact me for a consultation 1-2-1 sessions, to discuss your personal goals together and make it happen this year for you!! Dream big and raise the bar this year to a better version of YOU!

My mission is to ensure everyone achieves their goals this year! With full support all the way.



Jo is an experienced stage Posing coach and work very closely with each of her clients on a 1-2-1 basis and in groups. All posing workshops are advertised on the JoPro Fitness Facebook Business page, Please ‘like’ the page and look out for NEW events this year.

Posing classes are currently based in Bristol and surrounding areas, please get in touch with Jo to book or enquire.

The Academy

The JoPro Fitness & modelling Academy has been set up for clients that take their training / fitness career seriously, also for athletes who want to take their training, physique to the next level and experience new exciting opportunities with the support of experienced professionals in the industry.

At the JoPro Fitness Academy we will ensure that everything is covered to give you the best service and support along the way, we are offering an exclusive 12 month contract for you when you join, which will be reviewed and evaluated after the first 6 months.

We hand select our clients and invite them to join and be a part of this Academy.

Jo & Scott will develop you as an athlete and as a Brand, they will help market you to companies, magazines, sponsors and guide you through your social media marketing.

As part of this package there will be individual photoshoots every 16 weeks  which will primarily be located in Bristol, we offer studio work and outdoor shoots are available (for an additional fee**).

Your photographs will be constantly supplied every few weeks showing your vast range of fitness and modelling profile to support you and your brand

The whole year will be mapped out with your goals and aspirations of what you want to achieve, we will try to help you achieve your objectives for the year.

Meal plans, Training Plans, Full body analysis and check ins are all included when you join The Academy.

We will provide you with all the material for you to professionally market yourself through social media sites

Supplements and Ambassadors


Jo & Scott are proud Brand ambassadors for BPI sports, When you join us you will automatically receive 40% off products that you purchase from www.bpisports.co.uk using our special discount code SKJ40.

We will recommend which products will be suit you and your requirements upon consultation.

The desire to be better versions of ourselves. We look beyond the supplements and products, getting straight to the core of what helps you succeed, and we’re with you from the start to the finish with the best plans and nutritional products that work.
BPI COMMITMENT: To you. To your goals. To your health. It’s what drives us to deliver the highest quality and most effective sports nutrition supplements available. Your success is the foundation of ours. That’s why we only use the best ingredients and the most precise manufacturing standards to create powerful supplements that yield proven results. Results you can see and feel.