Explaining our Food Plans

There is not one Food plan suits everyone! We all have different needs and requirements.

We have all tried various diets in our time and there are so many to choose from it can get rather confusing as to what to do for the best and what will work for your

  • Body type
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Energy levels

You want a plan that’s easy to prepare and nutritious, one that doesn’t take up all of your spare time cooking and preparing in advance.

Let me help you with that! When putting together food plans for clients I take into consideration

  • Food preferences (vegetarian for example)
  • Intolerances
  • Allergies



To ensure you enjoy the plan and are able to keep following it longer term, it’s not a quick fix with magic juices or magic pills!!! It is a sustainable food plan with flexibility and freedom.

I have worked with many clients over the years primarily as a Personal Trainer & Coach and the food preparing, cooking and decision making always seem to be the biggest challenge for most people! How would you feel if I could tell you that you can eat all the lovely foods that you enjoy eat out socially with friends and family and still stay lean all year round! Interested?

Having tried many different approaches and experimenting on myself over the years and also during my prep stages, I have found that there are some methods that seem to work very  better than others, all clients respond differently and its finding one that works for you long term.

As we all know a combination of the right variety, portion control and balance in macros all with good flavour, it’s the key to long term health, inside and out while maintaining a lean, strong physique you are proud of all year round.

My Food plans will become part of your NEW healthy fitness lifestyle, enjoyable & sustainable for life. I help guide and support all my clients fully to ensure they feel happy and fully understand about meal timings and portion control so they can achieve the VERY best results.

I amend and review food plans and the results according to the clients goals then followed up every 4 weeks.

A ‘flexible’ food plan – I.I.F.Y.M (If it fits your macros) usually allows clients to eat all the foods they enjoy throughout the week within reason! It allows you to incorporate a Re-Feed or a ‘Treat’ Meal at least once per week, this gives you a mental break from the structure of a plan all week.

With a Flexible eating plan you can eat the foods you LOVE, stay within your own personal macro nutrient range and burn fat without the pain that most people associate with traditional mundane fat loss dieting plans. RESULT!

Fuel the body for Results!

I can create Macro tracked  Carb-Cycled meal plans this is done on an individual basis, Body type, gender, height and weight and lifestyle will all be taken into consideration.

Meal plans will be adjusted regularly to ensure you are getting the results you want and enjoying the foods on the plan. Its important to have a goal in mind such as a special event to focus on. Once you start eating healthier and your body starts enjoying this new way of eating it will become easier and you will have more energy and your health will improve massively.


How to Start?

When Clients start this journey with me I ask them (if they would like to?) to send in a ‘before picture’ so that I can visually monitor progress, this is especially good for clients that are not local to me.

It is vital that this is done as I find you never really notice when you lose weight yourself, the scales are not always the best indication of your actual progress and we are looking at other improvements such as strength and balance rather than JUST the visual things such as fat loss!

Once you have decided that you would like to embark on this NEW journey with my help I will send you out a Health form to complete, this is when I gather all the information on you and your exercise history, find out more about you and discover where I can help and what I can do for you to help you reach your goals.

This plan will change slightly every few weeks depending on your results and will be updated every 4-6 weeks so you will not get bored of the same thing and start to drift off plan and go back to ‘old habits’ which you are trying to break.

I do require my non-competitive clients to check in with me every 2-3 weeks so I can check progress, this is really important, it makes you accountable for their own success too.

Fat Loss TIPS – What to Consider While Keeping Muscle!

Here are a few things to consider when weight loss in terms of fat is your primary goal while retaining your muscle.

1) Fasted CARDIO
Fasted cardio in the morning is optimal because of insulin levels – less glucose in your blood stream.

Do not consume carbs when you don’t need them! Give yourself the proper carbohydrate fuel to get the day started, get through a workout and the carbs to recover from the workout.

Letting yourself get hungry causes loops to enter the diet; you get impatient and look for anything to eat. Eat often enough to stay full even if it’s lots of veggies and water.

Easy to put weight on this way.

They increase your sensitivity to carbs (allowing you to use more vs store more) and they assist with fat loss.

Taken at the right time with the right ingredients and you can gain an edge with such products.

Fight late night hunger cravings and give your body some slow digesting protein which will also help you sleep.

Eat citrus fruits if you must eat fruits as they are acidic and raise insulin less than most.

Maintain some form of weight training at least 3 times a week or your body won’t have a single reason to hold lean muscle. Too much cardio and no weights means a soft skeleton body in no time.

If long duration steady state cardio (45+ minute session) stops working, throw in a shorter 30-minute interval.

“refeeds” are far more effective then cheat meals or cheat days at kick starting your metabolism.


If you give the rules 100% compliance you will get 100% results, Get in touch today for your personal fat burning and more details on each subject.

I am a very open, approachable and a friendly coach and make myself available most days (Mon-Sat)

I will respond within the hour or less if you have any questions or you would like to book in for a consultation with me.

Let’s get started!