I joined JoPro Fitness to change and transform my body to build more muscle and shape, plus I set myself a goal to enter my 1st ever fitness competition, in 12 weeks I have been amazed at the results! I am doing less Cardio and more weights and I can feel and see the difference in my body! I am still in my clean bulk phase and look forward to competing with the Ultimate Fitness League in the World Finals November this year!


Jo has been my prep coach for the last few weeks and I have to be honest, she has been a delight to work with so far. Jo will be very prompt with her replies and will answer any questions you have. She is very supportive and understanding throughout the prep. The diet plans are very clear and easy to follow and the food it’s very diverse and tasty. Also the training it’s very detailed. I am very grateful for all her time and support.

Thank you Jo. You are an amazing coach x


Jo is a very dedicated coach that offers all the support that you could ever want as an athlete. Since I’ve been with her, my body has improved greatly, I look a lot more defined, stronger and more importantly I feel a lot more confident. From a nutrition perspective, Jo adapts the plans to your likings and life style; making sure that you get well nourished by adding a variety of delicious and nutritious food. As a competing athlete, Jo has been amazing; she’s been there all the way, supporting with posing, photoshoots, motivation, advising and in general going through the whole process with me. So I can’t thank her and recommend her enough!


My lifestyle change, guided by Jo will be a long one, good job she’s patient, super supportive and full of motivation! I was always active and loved my high intensity training. Sadly my joints did not so I just stopped doing everything. When my joints started to hurt because I wasn’t doing anything I contacted Jo. She sorted out my diet and training to get me going again. 4 months in my joints are good. I’m stronger, fitter, more alive and it’s getting easier to make the right choices. The food plan is easy to follow, it cuts out all the guess work and mystery because it’s designed for what I need. The training plan is great she is building me from the ground up so I avoid injury. She’s always there with a answer to your questions, positivity and encouragement. If you want to change your thinking and and how you feel about yourself Jo is the super woman and coach for you.


Following on from my first 12 week plan with Jo I have been preparing for my first ever show, Glifting, which was on the 8th October 2016.

I enjoyed every second of the day and placed second in the pin up model category!

Jo’s on going support and endless knowledge was definitely key to helping me get through the prep; without her and all the girls that were part of the Jo Pro Fitness show team I’m not sure I would have made it to the stage! However, I’m so glad that I did!

Not only was following a proper nutrition and training plan key to my progress but posing classes and team building sessions also kept me motivated to keep pushing to better myself.

Since being around all those amazing ladies at glifting I am now feeling so inspired! And so now along with Jo’s help and expertise I’m going to continue my journey and grow, grow, grow! I’m excited to see where I can go from here!

I’ve always been confident with my body and the way it used to look and had quite a active lifestyle like going to the gym, boot camp etc. But having 2 children very close together I almost feel like I don’t recognise myself anymore when I look in the mirror! I’ve lost all confidence with myself, I hate seeing my reflection staring back at me.

In the last 2 years I’ve put on 2 1/2 stone just from being pregnant and doing fad diets like slimming world that hasn’t really helped. When I was pregnant with my baby that is now 7 months old I used to love watching Jo’s facebook videos of her lifting weights in the gym, and posting about her clean eating, she was a true inspiration to me. I have 4 children and the journey that Jo was on, I thought to myself this is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve hit rock bottom and I owe it to myself to clean up my diet and follow my dream of getting my body back and learn to love myself again.

My mission is to completely transform my body through weights, cardio and diet. And to look in the mirror and be proud of myself. I found JoPro Fitness and although I’ve only just signed up with Jo the daily support/diet plan and workout plan is out of this world. I’ve not craved sugar or junk foods, and it’s only been a short time since I first started with Jo but I can already notice a difference in my body, my skin is glowing, I’m less bloated and I’m learning so much about weights and the science behind it all.

This is one exciting journey that I’m on and I couldn’t think of a better coach to support me through my journey. I would and will highly recommend JoPro Fitness to anybody wanting to make a little or a big change to their lifestyle.


I started my journey after having my fourth child.  I was very unhappy in how I looked and I wanted to do something about it.
I started doing insanity and managed to complete 120 days I could see a change but was still not happy so I decided to join a gym
I attended all the classes and started to see more results , I found it difficult because I have four children and when I cooked for them would eat what they had so all my hard work at the gym was being undone by my unhealthy food.
I signed up to do my first bikini competition so that I had a goal to focus on with that I also decided to have a coach Jo Prosser she came highly recommended.
She gave me a food plan to follow and a training programme for 20 weeks It was the best thing I’ve ever done, she gave me 24 hour support
And instantly within the first few weeks I started to notice my body changing rapidly, I can’t believe I am finally where I have always wanted to be, I never thought that i would ever have my dream body especially having 4 children

I thank JO for all your support in getting me to PRO level!


I have always been very sporty, playing both hockey and football for the county and south west of England. However after having children, I stopped playing sport, went back to uni, was not at all active and the weight piled on.

My son had started boxing at a local gym and another mum from the school encouraged me to join the classes there. I started the classes and also began having PT sessions.

In just under 3 months I lost 2 stone and 6 months I began noticing muscle definition. The more I saw, the more I wanted to see.

I knew that my diet would be crucial in achieving this and whilst I knew the basics I wanted professional help with this. I contacted JoPro Fitness for help to getting past a plateau.

I am now part of the FitSquad and will be in the best shape ever for Summer 2017!


In less than 3 years I’ve gone from being in a comfortable relationship with a full-time desk job, chubby and exercise hating, to a skinny and boyish lover of running through to a slim, shapely and strong fan of weightlifting.

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been overweight for my size, struggling to lose weight on “fad” diets centred around low fat and meal replacement. I’ve also been very skinny eating a good balanced diet but too few calories and burning up any muscle tone doing endless cardio, believing that’s what would keep me in shape. (FYI: I still had cellulite at a dress size UK6 at that point).

Then a friend introduced me to weight training. Using heavy weights, through targeted exercises, to build muscle in all the right places. I was hooked! I loved getting stronger as time went on and the changes in my shape followed.  Jo stood out with her friendly, professional manner and impressive knowledge. I picked a show date and quickly signed up to a Bikini Prep plan.

Competition prep is hard on the mind and it’s not been easy at times but there’s been great highs too. From a new personal best in the gym to a new bit of muscle definition. Jo has never failed to be on hand to motivate and educate me and keep me on track when I’ve needed it. I can’t of made it to stage without her. Each plan is personal, taking into account your lifestyle and even your favourite foods which is key to staying “on the wagon”.  I’ll be walking away with vastly improved nutrition knowledge and a healthy diet of plenty of good fats and enough calories to fuel me every day. It’s a way of life, not a strict diet. You really can eat the stuff you like and look good at the same time! Jo, I’m still holding you personally responsible for my greek yoghurt and whey protein addiction!

I’ve built a bigger booty, tightened my waist and toned up my back, arms and legs whilst still enjoying all the food I love (and yes I still have a desk job!).


I trained until I was 37 weeks pregnant I am hoping to inspire other mums to keep fit during their pregnancy too.

I carried on lifting weights until I was within two weeks of my due date.

I am 37 years old and my Son is now 10 months old, I wanted to set a new goal one that would challenge me so I decided to train for my first bikini competition, I want to promote the benefits of training while pregnant and also show women that we can get our bodies back after having children if we really put our minds to it with dedication and a great plan in place.

I have been getting support and coaching from Jo Pro Fitness online and it has really helped me stay on track and having someone there for me when I need it. I am training harder and doing very little Cardio like running or cycling at the moment as I am in the building phase!

I comped in the bikini and fitness model category for UKUP in Milton Keynes 29th October 2016, I placed 1st in the Master bikini and 3rd in Theme wear. I was then invited to the world finals and placed 2nd in bikini Masters and won my PRO card! I am over the moon!

Stay positive if I can achieve this then so can you! with the right help and guidance from Jo.


This is my body transformation in 12 week since starting my prep for my 3rd Bikini Fitness Show Pure Elite! I am feeling very positive with my progress so far and looking forward to seeing the end result for my competition in just 5 weeks! Jo I can’t thank you enough! With your amazing support and Clean eating plan I have been so much happier in myself and what I have achieved so far!
I suffered with depression for a long time and really got me down but since training and joining the team I have beat it No longer feel depressed and I am leading a happier, healthy life style! Looking forward to what the next 5 weeks hold for me!

NB – The year after this was written Christina went on to win her PRO card in April 2016 and entered the Pure Elite World Finals in Nov 2016 and place 3rd in the figure category! What an amazing year she has had.


Jo is also a PT based in Bristol and she also teaches many classes in Bristol, she has come on board JoPro Fitness recently. Jo is very active and very fit but has spent most of her time teaching and doing Personal Training with her clients, and running such as cross country and half marathons on the weekends.

Jo’s ambition this year is to enter a Fitness & body building show to take her physical body to a different level and see if she could rise to the challenge!

She needed work on core strength and glutes when we met, since then she has been injured in a couple of areas which has set her back slightly but there is no stopping this one!!


Looking forward to Emma’s journey to stage, Emma joined my team in October 2016 and took part in my Little Black dress Challenge leading to xmas. She did brilliantly and lost 4kg and gained muscle and looked so much stronger and not just skinny!
I have made lots of changes to Emma training and food regime but it’s all paying off.
Emma has now plucked up the courage to enter her 1st ever show. (Glifting girls) in Bristol.

She is such an inspiration to all her friends and family as she has really committed and worked hard all her family are benefiting from the new healthy lifestyle.
So even at the age of 45+ you can still achieve your goals.

If you need help with your own transformation and some help to get started please get in touch also please share this post with friends and tag a friend too.

Watch this space…….Go Emma!!


Jo has helped me refocus on getting back to fitness and eating healthy since having my son . The eating plans are so easy to follow I mean jo even sent me a shopping list of all the things I need. Jo took all the hard work out of thinking what do I eat and when . She is so easy to talk to and really knows her stuff . If your thinking about getting back to fitness or just starting out she’s definitely someone you need to speak too . X


I’ve been a gym bunny for over 20 years alternating between the resistance machines in the gym and doing a variety of high impact exercise classes 3-4 times a week. I always considered myself to be pretty fit and in fairly good shape but after thinking about it for years I decided to take the plunge and challenge myself to train to a competition level.

Of course I had no clue how to do this and after seeking advice from a personal trainer friend of mine, she recommended Jo to me as a coach as Jo herself had competed at competition level and also works as a Personal Trainer.   After contacting Jo she explained exactly what the plan would involve and what I needed to do to get competition ready.  I signed up and she gave me a 20 week diet plan which took into consideration the healthy foods I like and an exercise plan to sculpt my body.

Jo is always available to answer questions and is very supportive especially on the not so good days when you feel like you’ll never achieve your goal. Even if I felt hungry she would tweak my diet to make sure I always felt satisfied after my meals.
After 20 weeks I have a body that looks amazing and have so far entered 2 competitions with 6 top 5 Trophies and two PRO cards.  I never thought I could look better in my forties than in my twenties and it’s down to Jo’s expertise.

Thanks Jo you’ve made my dreams come true

We managed to do this with weekly re-Feeds and occasional planned treats. So it’s enjoyable, achievable & realistic with minimal cardio!!! 100% natural

Karlene came 4th in PCA Bikini Masters in April 2017 with an invite to the finals.


My 1st ever overseas client who will be taking the plunge and entering her 1st ever bikini show which is Pure Elite she is in the bikini Masters category.
She has completely changed her training for this and is doing lots more weight training and less cardio. Plus 5 clean meals per day.

Since the beginning of November 2016 I decided to change my shape ay my grand old age or almost 50! I’ve always trained and been into fitness but could never commit to anything long enough to see the changes I wanted to see. I’ve been very interested in competing since December 2013 when I went to a seminar but no-one really took me seriously until now. I’ve always felt that because I am not 25yrs old with a fitness career in front of me that most coaches dont really want to know!

But Jo is different she doesnt doubt me, she challenges me, she takes me seriously and understands, so for the first time in 3 years I feel ale to chase my dream of being on stage. I’m Planning to compete this year in the UK and maybe another one in Switzerland where I live.

Watch this space while I work hard and get my head down! I am feeling so much stronger already!


Amazing!! I’ve been to many gyms but never ever have I had such a change in my body I have since working with jo. When I found it tough she kept me going and focused. Overall I lost 12lbs, 4cm off of each thigh, 7cm of my waist and dropped from a 32dd to a 28ff!! The diet plan was enjoyable and never once did I starve. Working with jo has given me a love of the gym which I struggled with before, never knew just how much you can do and achieve. I’d highly recommend dream fitness to anyone who is really wanting results.


Jo is a great coach – she is driven, dedicated to her team, friendly and chatty, a great coach and has been an inspiration to me. I did really well on her diet and training programme in 2015 and I am looking forward to working more with her this year. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Jo!

Fiona is currently training for a half Iron man!!!


Working Mum placed at Miss Galaxy Uinverse 4th Place ‘Beach body’

I’ve only been with Jo for a couple of weeks now but already Jo’s expertise and advice has been amazing!! I’m hoping to enter at least one competition this year and I know that with Jo’s reassurance and guidance,

(I am quite possibly the least body confidant person EVER!)

I’ll be in good hands

NB Danni went on to take 4th Place Beach Model at Miss Galaxy Universe in April 2016


I’ve trained with Jo for a few months now, initially focusing on returning to fitness after injury. I have totally overhauled the way I exercise, and am feeling stronger than ever.

I really enjoy my sessions with Jo, they are always challenging and I often end up doing things I didn’t know I could. She is positive, encouraging and takes no excuses!
I am hooked now, and will continue to work with her for the foreseeable.


Last week of my 12 week plan ……  I’ve lost 26 pounds and inches off my whole body . Im happy with that ! Thank you Jo.

I know I’ve been naughty a few times but you are the best inspriation. Looking forward to starting another plan with you in July, Love how I feel about my body now, so much more confident!


I have been coached by Jo for my 3rd competition I am so happy with the results I have gained since starting and certainly can see the changes to my body and stage confidence has come on leaps and bounds. Jo is very understanding and supportive with your personal life, but also keeps you focused and helps you stay on track.

Knowing that Jo is there to help me on my Fitness Prep Journey as a competitor she helps me feel that I am not alone and I can achieve anything as long as I work hard for it then I will get the results.

I competed in Pure Elite – Manchester Qualifier for the World Finals and placed 5th in the Short Bikini category. I am really happy with this achievement considering I was poorly one week before the show. I also competed in Margate Pure Elite April 2017.

Watch this space for more to come!!


I noticed you training one day at the gym, you were doing some squat jumps, immediately you caught my eye and I found myself stopping and watching you thinking wow look at that amazing strong women, secretly wishing I could do what you were doing.

I emailed you one evening feeling so low.  Dreading the next day as it would be more of the same tasks, not even cherishing every waking moment with my girls but instead being moody and tired.

I was so excited to start a new way of life, even when the hard times hit hard you told me to hit harder and never give up and remember why I am doing this and that I want to become that best version of me.

Thanks for your time Jo, and thanks for being my inspiration.

Ian Bradley

I would just like to say a massive thank you Jo

My health, both physical and mental, were in a bit of a state. My doctor said a lifestyle change would help, and that’s where you stepped in.

My life is now massively better thanks to you. I am a lot healthier in both aspects. I no longer let stress get the better of me. Excercise is my new therapy thanks to you Jo.

I will definitely be turning to you again when I feel ready to take on my first comp.

I would happily recommend you to anybody that needed guidance with exercise and food plans.

Keep up the good work Jo, you really do make a difference

Thank you

Ian x


I entered the world of competing after someone bet me I couldn’t do it so I set out to prove them wrong. I quickly knew I needed help with diet and guidance. I found Jo Prosser and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and expertise.

She guided me through the process from start to finish, supporting me through the ups and downs. She made me achieve a body I never thought possible.

If I enter another competition I wouldn’t hesitate in calling Jo Prosser.


I am currently being coached by Jo on a 16 week plan. Jo has been nothing but patient/kind and supportive. She regularly contacts me to check how I am getting on and if there is anything I need support with or have any questions.
She has always replied promptly and given very useful information and advise.
The plan it self has been easy to follow and meals I have really enjoyed.

The exercise plan has been interesting and pushed me. At times I have felt that I lacked motivation and Jo has kept me on track.

The service has been so great and the plan has been so fantastic. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again so much Jo for everything xxx


I’m a personal trainer and I’ve regularly come across Jo’s work on social media. Been constantly thinking about competing on stage but as its not in the norm for me I regularly convinced myself I couldn’t do it, as I’m used to training for semi professional football standard.

I contacted Jo and she was lovely explaining how everything worked and what I should be aiming for. She set me goals and regularly keeps in touch with me, so it felt like I’m talking with a friend rather than my Coach

Since I been following her regime I’ve put on muscle and grown in size. I aim to compete in October 2016. I’ve had a few personal issues  & injuries and Jo has been supportive of me through my hard times which has kept me more or less on track.

She’s always available to answer question’s, she has a great team of competitors who are happy to support one another and coming from a football background I love being part of a team.

Jo is very professional and if we lived in the same city/town I would 100% hire her as my PT as she has a massive love and passion for the fitness industry. She is a a big influence on her clients and her followers.

If you are looking to compete, weight loss, toning up, getting stronger Jo Prosser is the Coach you need in your life x


Jola came to me in November 2016 and she had her heart set on her 1st bikini competition in April 2017.

She is a Mum to two children and also a PT in London, She is really busy and fitting it all in is challenging at times, Jola slipped before Christmas and damaged her knee badly and was on Crutches but this has not stopped her following her dreams and she has stayed positive and I have encouraged her to spend the recovery time on her knee building her upper body, Look at those amazing shoulders and biceps!

Jola entered Pure Elite April 2017 and WON mums that Lift and got her PRO card!


Jo is lovely. Always offers great support and advice. ☺ always enjoy training with her and she’s always on hand if I need her!
She taught me lots of new types of training methods and I never get bored in the gym now.
Its just finding the time in between uni and working now! Thanks for all your support with the food plans Jo


I entered my first competition in April as a bikini competitor.
The last 6 weeks of show prep were hard, feeling tired, lacking energy to train , wondering how I could get through it emotionally , getting ready to stand on stage .. but through all of the support I was getting , from the group chats with Jo and other competitors , friends and family it soon made me realise I wasn’t alone and I could keep focused and get through my last few weeks .

I learned a lot about my self during this experience and I learned a lot about diet and how it affects my body individually. With the help and support from from Jo checking my body stats every week, making me a tailor made diet plan, replying to any questions that I had and being their on show day!

On show day I knew I had done everything I could to look my best and I couldn’t have felt better in my self .. Knowing that I didn’t cheat on my meal plan  , I trained as hard as I could and practised my posing in front of a mirror.
It was amazing to see such inspiration all around me , and being surrounded by so many lovely girls!

I loved getting glammed up with the tan, hair and make up .
Being on stage was nerve racking but I felt ready to show off my achievements.

The benefits of show prep and standing on stage, is you get to see how strong you are , how far you can push yourself to be where you want to be. You understand your body more and realise it’s possible! And mentally for myself I felt like I was proud of  myself to have  achieved a goal .

As soon as I stepped off stage I knew I wanted to be better and step on the stage again as soon as possible !

Over all it was an amazing experience and can’t wait to do it all again.


Knowledgeable, a credit to the fitness industry, a PT who not only looks the part, practices what they preach and cares about the results of clients. That’s why I’m sticking with JoPro Fitness….it works. If one is thinking about making changes then JoPro Fitness can help make the changes become reality.


JoPro fitness has helped me a lot with being able to connect with others and stay motivated!! The positive encouragement and guidance is amazing and I love how passionate and enthusiastic Jo is. The support I receive is truly wonderful 🙂


Amazing support Jo has pushed me so much through my prep new training plans and nutrition plan and amazing pt sessions to give u that extra push thank you soo much weather your prepping for a show and need the support from all of us on the show team or ur just looking for pt and nutrition help for you this is the team for you ❤️❤️❤️


Great packages on offer (diet, training & posing) for really good value. Plus lots of positive vibes from Jo Prosser and other great people on the team!

Jo Helped me with my first ever fitness modelling competition in April 2015. I never thought it would be possible for me to get to that standard, but I did and I really enjoyed it. I be taking some time to build muscle and come back for another show in the future.


2nd Place Fitness Model over 35’s at Pure Elite

Thanks so much for all your help and support through the prep for the Pure Elite Show, it has always been a dream for me to enter a show and compete as it is totally different to what I usually do and it was so enjoyable!

I will be taking a break from competing for a while and focusing back on my strength and family but thanks so mcu for all your help and I still cannot belive I pleased 2nd in Fitness!

Very happy xx


I’ve known Jo for years and always admired her strength and dedication. I’ve always looked up to her as a fitness professional and as much as I’ve admired her I always thought I could never be as dedicated when it comes to diet.

My challenges are very different, my toughest being completing Iron man UK.

At the time when I spoke to Jo I wasn’t ready to deal with my diet, telling myself it wasn’t for me and that it would be too restrictive. But then about 3 months ago I bumped into Jo, we talked about getting a plan set up for me that would work with my lifestyle.

I am obsessed with food – cooking it, eating it, reading about it, smelling it, going to food festivals, So this was a massive thing for me! I was scared that I was going to be hungry and I was also scared I’d have to give up all the things I love.

Jo gave me all the tools I needed to succeed, she wrote me a plan that was easy to follow and not too restrictive. I still have my dinner parties, I still bake every week, but Jo was there to support me when I was desperate for sugar, with sound advice. I took this challenge on in the same way I trained for my Iron man – with dedication and the help of experts!!

Jo put me on a 3 day carb cycle which really worked for me – mentally as well as physically. It was rally varied so I didn’t get fed up. She wrote me a shopping list too, all I had to do was follow it!! it’s so much easier than I imagined! I can still have treats but only moderation.

It’s all about being mindful and feeding your body what it needs. It’s tough at first but 2 months down the line, it’s just part of my life now. I’m never hungry and no longer bloated. I don’t suffer from stomach cramps or wind anymore, I feel more alert, I sleep better, I feel lighter, stronger and so much healthier. So far I’ve lost 4 kilos of fat, gained 1 kilo of muscle and lost 4% body fat.

I would recommend JoPro Fitness to anyone, if your serious about your health, fitness or diet, she’s your woman.


Having recently won a 22 year battle with body dysphoria and disordered eating I had made a promise to myself to make peace with my body and mind.
Now was the time to take care of myself and my body.
Exercise was the first step, I started training with weights in March this year and fell in love with lifting.
My body was not only getting stronger but my mind was getting clearer too.
I soon realised that if I wanted to enhance my strength, I needed to learn how to nourish and fuel my body.
Jo was highly recommended to me by a number of people in the fitness industry.
It was clear in my initial consultation that not only does Jo know her stuff but she walks her talk too.
Impressed with Jos knowledge and physique I signed up immediately.
Jo has re-educated me with regards to the subject of nourishment and why there is no need to fear carbs! Following Jos advice I witnessed my body changing and decided to challenge myself by entering a Bikini physique competition in 16 weeks.
Jo composed a prep plan which I followed but her services extended to constant coaching advice and workshops.
I was always impressed with the promptness Jo displayed in answering any of my questions or queries.
Above all Jo has also helped me with my self-confidence and helped me unleash my inner diva on stage which I am convinced helped me win 2nd place in my category !
This is just the start of the journey for me, I will keep lifting, keep getting stronger and enter another competition next summer.
With Jo coaching me next year too I’m confident I can better my best and bring home a Trophy for the Jo Pro team

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