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The journey to a fitness competition is probably the toughest you’ll ever experience, but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

So, your thinking about entering a fitness Show? Why not? You work out hard, eat well, and maintain a relatively lean physique. You have a strong work ethic, are determined to reach your goals, and love meeting new challenges. Well if that’s the case definitely say go for it! Of course, that leaves you with much to be learned and accomplished.

Being able to prove that you’ve got the mental and physical ability to get in contest or ‘SHOW’ shape and stand on stage is enough to give you the self-confidence boost to go after any and all of your lifelong dreams, not to mention, you will be in the best shape EVER!

At JoPro Fitness – we are a small, but HIGHLY competitive Show Prep Fitness Team that focuses on utilizing the healthiest approach possible for our SHOW TEAM clients, whilst remaining competitive in an industry full of coaches and competitors who will do ANYTHING to win.


We are one of the very best SHOW PREP companies, and we have an extremely high success rate, We have won 97 (top 5 placings) since April 2015 to May 2017 mainly in National Shows (21 of them are Pure Elite UKUP and FMC PRO CARDS) and there are more to come this year.

We provide full SHOW PREP PLANS, for girls/guys who are either competing or are thinking about competing at some point. We usually begin with a DETAILED assessment on you and find out more about your lifestyle, food preferences, training sessions and we will cover everything related to your goal on a 1-2-1 basis.

We aim to build and design the best possible plan for YOU, We want you to look and feel your VERY best and enjoy the journey too. The plans we design are also suitable for clients that are ‘off season’ or on a Clean ‘bulk’, we make adjustments according to when you want to compete!

We will give sound advise on supplements to support your diet if necessary to ensure you have a high level of energy and nutrients in your plan to see you through your intense training sessions and to help with recovery & muscle repair too.

Jo will evaluate your progress and adjust your plan on a bi-weekly basis, or more frequently if needed.

Stepping on stage can be pretty daunting for some, having the right support, professional experienced guidance and encouragement along this journey can make all the difference in your confidence when it’s your time to shine!

When you Join Team JoPro you will receive all the support you need to shine like a champion too!

Some of the Awards 2015/16/17

  • Scott King European Champion with Fitness Model Comps 1st place winner and PRO card, World Champion 1st Place Muscle Model and PRO Card
  • Geri – 4th Place Bikini Fitness with Pure Elite
  • Alvyda – 3rd place bikini fitness with Pure Elite
  • Karlene PRO card Nov 2016 – 1 Top 5 Trophie at PCA in Masters Bikini
  • Joanne – 2 Trophies top 3 at Pure Elite April 2017 PRO card with UKUP
  • Jola PRO card April 2017 at Pure Elite and Winner of Mums that lift
  • Whitney PRO card April 2017 2 top 2 Trophies at Pure Elite
  • Jo Prosser (PRO card Holder & Head Coach) – 8 top 5 Trophies (Miami Pro, Pure Elite PRO)
  • Fiona – PRO card Holder – 8 Top 4 Trophies 2015 (Miami Pro, Pure Elite)
  • Christina  – PRO card holder – 4 Trophies (Pure Elite)
  • Natasha  – 1 top 5 Trophy Fitness Model Tall (Pure Elite)
  • Julie – 1 trophy Fitness Model over 35’s (Pure Elite)
  • Danniella – 5 Trophies 2015 (Miami Pro, Pure Elite)
  • Marsha – PRO card Holder – 1 Trophy 2016 1st place Muscle model over 35 (Pure Elite)
  • Rod – PRO card holder – 2 Trophies  Over 45’s Mens Fitness model (Pure Elite)
  • Kat Kulpa – Bikini Model 3rd place (Pure Elite) Bikini fitness
  • Katy  – 2 Trophies Fitness Model over 35’s and Sports Model


You can also find me on myprepcoach.com


We Prepare you for this Competitions !!!


All Food macros are calculated for you personally so the hard work is now down to you to prep and stay focused! I am here for Support all the way to stage. Dream big and raise the bar this year to a better version of YOU! You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you commit!

Please book a consultation for prices and time frames.

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