Do you want to be coached by JoPro Fitness?

Do you want to Compete in the Ultimate Fitness League this year and be part of our amazing Show team.



How’s this for an incredible offer?

You will have 2 accomplished and experienced PRO Athletes to prep you, support, educate, motivate and share this experience with you every step of the way.

Jo is a PRO Fitness & Fitness model, a judge, a Personal Trainer & posing coach Jo runs JoPro Fitness online coaching business for both competitive and non-competitors clients. she has been in the fitness business for over 24 years and competed in variious shows for over 3 years.

Jo has also won 8 top 5 trophies during this time.

Jo and her partner Scott want to share their experiences, knowledge and passion for health and fitness with you.

Jo and Scott are looking for clients that they can work closely with and personally develop them under us as part of the JoPro Fitness show team.

You will find Jo and Scott both supportive, engaging, caring, encouraging, well researched /educated and professional with their plans to get YOU maximum support and maximum results.

The Plans used offer various methods and ones best suited to each client, giving you foods which are delicious, nourishing, balanced and including a variety of foods, so no cravings! no rebound weight gain! & no metabolic damage.

Jo & Scott are industry leaders and have many years of hands on experience plus over 75 Top 5 Trophies for the JoPro Fitness ‘Show Team’ over 3 years.

“We educate our clients as best we can when working with them, so they learn the fundamentals of this plan, we will also teach you about why certain foods are best for you and which ones are best to avoid”

We will also be offering 121 posing and face to face coaching and mentoring via skype for our clients on a bi-weekly basis.

We truly believe success on the outside starts on the inside. We will develop all of you, body and mind to get the results you are looking for.

We work with many different federations across the UK and will discuss with you on a 121 basis which show is suitable for you and your physique.
Let us help YOU achieve YOUR PRO card!

Whether you are a novice, master athlete or PRO athlete this experience and opportunity will be once in a lifetime. We will be working with everyone from bikini to fitness to muscle models.

We will look after you and you will form some wonderful new friendships with likeminded, empowered, motivated and positive people.

When you join us you will also benefit from 4 Professional photography shoots over the year all times perfectly around the show/s. These will be indoor and outdoor and will help build your fitness portfolio.


We will ONLY be taking on 5 new clients for this special offer, so don’t wait as spaces will be quickly taken.

Please email